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We repair refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, gas stoves, electric stoves, freezers, wall ovens, and glass cook tops. Give us a call for any major appliance repairs that you need including all makes and models.


Refrigerator Repair

There are all kinds of different refrigerators and we provide great repair services for them in order for the unit to perform correctly. If you are having an issue with your refrigerator, give us a call so we can get you fixed up and your food can be stored at the correct temperatures which will save you money.

Side by Side Refrigerator Repair

In some cases the power will go out on a Side by Side refrigerator and the first thing our techs do is check the power source of the unit. The refrigerator should be hooked up to a grounded 3 prong outlet which should function correctly. House fuses will be checked and the circuit breaker will be reset. The water supply of the unit will checked if the water or ice dispenser in not working. The water valve will be checked to see if it is turned on and the water line will be inspected to see if it is connected without any leaks from it. It is advised that if the temperature is changed to allow 24 hours for it to get to the desired temperature. If the compressor on the unit keeps running then chances are that the doors are left open or they are being opened and closed too much. Light bulbs will be replaced if the lights are out and we always advise out customers to clean the gasket of the door to keep it free of contaminants so that the door opens and closes with no problems.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Repair

When repairing a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator we make sure that the drawer is not blocked by packages of food. The bins will be looked at to see if they glide smoothly when opening and closing. We ask customers to give the Freezer about 24 hours to sustain the correct temperature after the repair has been completed. The drawer will be inspected to see if it closed to verify if there is any unwanted moisture build-up in the freezer. The drawer should be flush with the upper refrigerator door when being closed. We inform out customers that they should clean the seals around the door with warm water and soap so that the door opens easily and is free from being dirty or sticky..

Compact Refrigerator Repair

When the refrigerator is not getting cold we will check to see if the temperature control is in the off position. If it is on then a colder setting will selected to see if the unit gets any colder which could take a little time. The plug will be checked to see if it is connected and then the fuse will be checked along with the circuit breaker. Replacement of the fuse will be done if found faulty and the circuit will be reset if needed. The red defrost button will be checked to ensure that it was not turned on, but if it has been it will need to complete its cycle and will operate at warmer temperatures which is normal for the defrost cycle. If the homes temperature is hotter due to warmer weather or an increase in air conditioning temperature then the refrigerator will need to be set at a colder temperature in order to provide the desired coolness from the unit.

Top Freezer Refrigerator Repair

If the unit is not working at all we will first check to see if the power cord is hooked up to the 3 prong outlet. If it is plugged in then the next thing we will check will be the circuit breaker and fuse of the house. Adjustment of the thermostat is set to a lower setting which can take several hours to get the correct temperature needed while the doors need to be closed to keep the inside from getting too warm. The water valve will be turned on fully while any kinks in the water line will be straightened out which will cause the ice cubes of the ice maker to produce hollow are small cubes. We recommend the customer get rid of the first couple of batches of ice cubes after the unit has been fixed. A lower temperature will be needed if frost is on the packages of food.

Freezerless Refrigerator Repair

Freezerless Refrigerators sometimes have issues with ice in the compartment even at the correct setting. The defrost system could be the reason that this is going on with the unit. Removal of the panel in the back of the fridge will be done after removing the shelves. A multi meter will be used in order to check the defrost heater, if found faulty a new one will be needed in order for the unit to work correctly. If this part is good the defrost thermostat will be inspected. The evaporator will be covered with ice which is normal and the ice will still need to be on the evaporator in order to proceed with the evaluation. If this part is also found to be in working condition then the next thing we will check will be the defrost timer. The dial on the unit will be turned unit it clicks and then the defrost cycle will begin. If the units heater starts to get hot then the timer is faulty and will need to be swapped out with a new one.

French Door Refrigerator Repair

The control dials of the freezer and the refrigerator will be checked to ensure that it is not on 0 if the refrigerator is not operating correctly. The dials will be set one number at a time if it is indeed set at 0 so that the fridge can start to cool down. The rollers on the bottom of the fridge will be evaluated if the unit shakes or bounces. If the roller is found to be bad then a new one will be installed so that the unit has less shaking and bouncing. Moving the food away from the vents will decrease the chances of the food freezing in the fridge. If the food still freezes, a lower temperature will be set to reach the desired temperature. If the water dispenser is not working, the water hose on the back of the unit will be checked to see if it is hooked up correctly. A couple of cycles of ice will need to go through the system as it might not taste too fresh. The unused ice can be recycled by warming it up and watering plants around the house.

Chest Freezer Repair

De-icing the chest freezer with a plastic or wood scraper will be done to clear the ice that has built up off of the unit without scratching it up. The defrost water drain will be used during defrosting, a hose can be found on some units to aid in draining the unit. The drain cap will be removed and the hose will be connected to the freezer. Removal of the inside plug will be done and the unit will be drained. Installing the plugs and removing the hose will be done so that the unit can be plugged back in and cooled down to the correct temperature. The lid will need to be closed and should be kept closed in order for the freezer to reach the desired temperature while the legs of the unit will need to be adjusted as a slanted freezer can leak. The temperature control will be set and the freezer will be left for about 24 hours to reach the proper temperature, and the Freezer should be leveled off with a bubble level.

Washing Machine Repair

It is always advised to call a professional to repair a clothes washer. They are very complex these days on have onboard computers that help to diagnose the issue the washer could be having. With great selections like Front Loading, Regular Top Loading, Compact, and High Efficiency there are plenty of options to suit your needs. We repair all makes and models so if your washer is having problems give us a call so we can get you fixed right up.

Front Loading Washer Repair

Checking to see if the washing machine has power is the first step in repairing the unit. If the plug is connected and has no damage we will check the fuse or breaker box of the house. Reasons for a washer to not drain include but will not be limited to: Use of an extension cord will cause the washer to not drain correctly, oversudsing from improper laundry detergent causing a suds lock in the pump, restrictive drain caused by clogged kinked or a frozen drain hose, and items or debris in the pump or filter preventing completion of pump out. For units that will not spin the top cover will be taken off along with the back panel. The motor will be tested with a multi meter to evaluate the ohms and if the test is good the windings are in good condition. Next a computer diagnostics test will need to be done to test the RPMS. If the RPMS read 0 then another multi meter test will be done to check the voltage and if it comes back with a no voltage reading then the control board is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Regular Top Loading Washer Repair

The first step to solving an issue of a top loading washing machine is to see if it is getting power by checking to see if the cord is loose or damaged. If the plug is good fuses and circuit breakers will be checked before repairs are started. The water supply will be checked on the unit by inspecting the water faucets to see if they are turned on. Knobs will be checked and the hoses are also inspected to see if they are extended properly and don’t have any kinks or bends. In some cases the washing machine needs to go through a cleaning cycle which could fix the problem. We recommend that the customer clean the door and the top of the washer on top of sending it through a cleaning cycle. The last step will be to send the washer through a cycle to see if the issue is resolved. Drive belts can go bad after time and can be replaced by our professional techs. In some cases the motor of the machine might be worn and should be replaced if deemed non repairable.

High Efficiency Top Loading Washer Repair

Verifying that the power cord is hooked up correctly and that it is not damaged is the first step we take when repairing a High Efficiency Top Loading Washing Machine. If the unit is plugged in correctly then we will check to see if the fuse or circuit breaker of the house is good if the unit is not getting any power. Adjustments to the feet of the washer will be done if it is vibrating or shaking so that it can be level. The drum will be inspected from the outer basket to the inner basket if the washer is making rattling or clicking noises which could be from a foreign object. If water leaks are found, our techs will tighten up the fill hoses in the back of the washing machine while also cleaning the hose screen of the unit. Using less water is normal for these units since they are High Efficiency washing machines.

Compact Washer Repair

If the compact washer is not powering up then we will first check to see is if the power cord is connected and not damaged. Fuses and circuit breakers for the house will be inspected and if found to be in good condition a testing of the pump will be done on the unit with a multi meter. Compact washers sometimes have problems draining in order to complete the cycle. The drain pump will be inspected to see if the issue is coming from this part. The drain hose will be evaluated and if clogged or kinked will be cleared out and repositioned so that it does not kink again.

Stackable Washers Repair

We service stackable washers which can be front normal sized front loading washers or unitized space saving washer/dryer sets. These units are very popular for people looking to save space in smaller homes and condos/apartments. Stackable washers have the same parts as regular washers so the repairs will usually be the same. Timers can be loose and drive belts can go out on these units which we can repair for a great price. If the unit does not spin the belt will be checked and then the motor will be evaluated. Unitized units are very basic with knobs or dials to turn and they can wash a medium size of laundry, but are not recommended for king size comforters and other big items.

Dryer Repair

Electric and gas dryers work by having heat, air flow, and drum rotation in order to dry clothes. Electric Dryers use a heating element in order to provide heat to dry clothes. Gas Dryers use an actual flame that is powered by gas in order to heat up clothes to dry. Gas Dryers need more space than an electric dryer so if you live in a house with a small laundry room then an electric dryer would be the best choice for drying clothes.

Gas Dryer Repair

Gas Dryers use a burner in order to dry the clothes in which a real flame is used in order to produce heat. Parts of a gas dryer that are different from an electric dryer include but are not limited to: cycling thermostat, thermal fuse, high-limit thermostat, flame sensor, ignitor, gas valve coil kit, burner assembly, combustion cone, secondary coil, radiant sensor, holding and boosting coil, extension coil, and more. It is very important for a gas dryer to have room so that the air circulates correctly or the high limit thermostat will switch off the voltage to the burner assembly. The thermostat will reset once the unit is cooled and if not cooled down all the way the dryer take too long to dry from the heat being shut off which can damage the thermostat. Poor air flow will cause the thermal fuse on some modes to fail which will cause the dryer not to heat until the fuse is replaced. We recommend cleaning the lint trap after every wash and keeping the air vent free of debris by cleaning it with a cleaning tool.

Electric Dryer Repair

If a dryer is making squeaking noises, chances are that the drum bearing is out on it and need to be repaired. The unit will be taken apart and the drum will be pulled out to get to the bearing. A drum bearing kit will be installed and high heat grease will be put in the housing to fix the issue. While the unit is apart we recommend putting a new drum belt on if it is not in good condition so that it does not have to be replaced in the future which will save you money. Parts on the dryer that will be evaluated include but will not be limited to: start switch, lint screen, heating element, timer, drum bearing, pulley, door interlock switch, motor, electrical cord, drum seal, temperature control switch, drive belt, drum roller and more.

Unitized / Stackable Dryer Repair

We service unitized dryers which can also be called a stackable washer and dryer. They are usually smaller units that are used for smaller homes or apartments/condos in order to save space. These units have the same parts that a regular sized dryer and washer have so to repair them involves the same steps as normal sized washers and dryers. GE has a safety recall on model numbers WSM2480TBAWW and WSM2480TCAWW, the model and serial number can be found behind the dryer door so if you have one of these units give us a call so we can get them repaired.

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers today have control panels which are very complex and should be repaired by professional techs in order to ensure the unit works correctly. Dishwashers get hot water directly from the hot water heater of a home and the heater should be set no lower than 140 degrees Farenheit. Volts needed to run a dishwasher correctly will be between 115 and 120 for it to function correctly. The wastewater of the dishwasher is drained out through the sink’s drainpipe in the kitchen. When fixing a dishwasher we unplug the unit for safety and turn of the power going to the plug which is located at the fuse box of the house. The next step is to shut off the water supply going to the dishwasher so that repairs can be done. Parts that will be evaluated include but will not be limited to: float switch, door latch, racks, sprayers, strainers, pump, gasket, timer control knob, heating element, motor, inlet valve, hot water hose, lower sprayer arm, upper sprayer arm, control buttons, drain hose, power cord, strainer, and more.

Built In Standard Dishwashers Repair

When our techs fix built in standard dishwashers the control panel and the controls will be inspected to see if they operate to manufactures specifications. The push buttons on the new units can be sensitive, so evaluating the unit to make sure that the buttons are pressed correctly in the appropriate position will be done. If the buttons are found to be faulty the control panel will need to be removed to further evaluate the issue. Servicing the timer can be very difficult and should only be done by professionals.

Compact Dishwashers Repair

To fix compact dishwashers we will make sure that the door is closed and latched correctly as the unit will not work without the door being tightly closed. The door latch will be inspected and if it is found to be broken then it will be repaired so that the dishwasher functions properly. In some cases the latch can be tightened up or cleaned which can fix the issue.

Drawer Dishwashers Repair

In some cases the water supply going to a drawer dishwasher will prevent the unit from operating correctly. Our technicians will check to see if the water is on and the unit is receiving a supply of water. The temperature of the water will be checked because if it is not at least 140 degrees Farenheit then the unit will not clean dishes the way it is supposed to. If the unit is not getting hot water then checking the water heater of the home will be done to ensure the dishwasher has a supply of hot water to clean the dishes. Having the water inlet valve will be needed for dishwashers that do not fill up to the proper level.

In Sink Dishwashers Repair

To fix issues with an in sink dishwasher the unit will be checked to see if it is getting power by checking to see if the power cord is hooked up and is not damaged. The homes circuit breaker will be checked to see if it is providing power to the unit. Next the wall outlet will be checked to see if it is getting the correct voltage with a voltage tester. If the socket is not working then it will need to be repaired. The float switch will be checked if the unit is overflowing as the switch is supposed to prevent this from happening.

Portable / Countertop Dishwashers Repair

To fix a portable / countertop dishwasher evaluating the power to the unit is the first step. If the unit is getting power then the door and the switches will be inspected. The door gasket will be checked and if found to be in bad condition then it will be replaced. Service to the door latch will be done if the part is found to be the reason the portable dishwasher is not working. In some cases the door switch will need to be repaired in order for the unit to function correctly.

Wall Oven Repair

When our techs fix a wall oven the first thing we check is the power cord if the unit is not getting power. The next step is to evaluate the fuses or circuit breakers of the home. If the oven light bulb might be out and we can install a new one so that food can be seen while cooking. In some cases the control pad light might be faulty and should be repaired by professionals to ensure it is repaired correctly. Parts of a wall oven include but will not be limited to: door frame, inner baffle, door handle, door glass, screw, window mounting bracket, door top trim, screw for door frame, glass clip, fiber washer, kep nut, latch plate, handle mounting screw, door liner, pad insulation, door pad, latch plate mounting screw, pad mounting screw, and more.

Double Electric Wall Ovens Repair

In some cases the control panel of a double electric wall oven becomes faulty when the self cleaning feature is used. Cooling fans for these units have been enlarged in order to fix some of the issues that they were having. LCD screens can burn out on some of these units and should only be replaced by professionals.

Double Gas Wall Ovens Repair

We can fix issues with the ignitors that the double gas wall oven is having so that your food can be cooked correctly. The motherboard of the system can be faulty and we can test the unit to see what is causing this problem. Any issues with a gas wall oven should be done by professional service techs to ensure safety of the appliance.

Microwave Wall Oven Combinations Repair

The microwave keypad on these models can end up going out and we can fix this feature while evaluating the unit. Oven hinges can be repaired so that the unit opens and closes correctly making it convenient on the cook. Oven control boards can be an issue and it is advised that professional techs fix the problem to ensure it operates to manufactures specs. Microwave doors that are loose should be repaired so that it can cook food correctly.

Single Electric Wall Ovens Repair

When an electric wall oven does not broil or bake foods a diagnostic test will be done to see what the issue is. Removing the oven from the wall will be done in order to replace the control panel. Power should be shut off from the power cord and the circuit breaker of fuse box. The oven will be reinstalled and tested to see if it is operating. With these units being so complex it is advised to let a professional serviceman fix the problem so that it can function correctly.

Single Gas Wall Ovens Repair

Single gas wall ovens can have issues with the electronic control panel. If this feature is found to be faulty we can repair the unit so that it functions correctly. Seals can end up working poorly so we will replace them in order for your food to cook evenly. In some cases the door hinges will go bad and will need to be replaced.

Range / Stove Repair

Ranges and stoves come in electric and gas as choices to pick from depending on what the customer prefers. Electric ranges are less expensive and simple to install. The surface is easier to clean and the electric stove section cooks food more evenly than a gas stove. On the other hand gas ranges cook more evenly than electric ranges. No matter what kind of unit you have our appliance repairmen can get you fixed up so that you can cook foods easy while enjoying the results.

Electric Range / Electric Stove Repair

Freestanding electric ranges, glass top ranges, slide-In electric ranges and double oven electric ranges can be repaired by our professional staff if the unit is having any issues. For glass top ranges if it is chipped or cracked it can cause an electrical shock so the unit should not be used. The glass portion can be replaced depending on model and we provide this service. If the glass cooktop is not heating the most common problem is the switch for the unit which can be replaced. If an electric stove or range is not heating up then the problem could be the burner for the range or the bake element for the stove. Parts of an electric range / oven include but are not limited to: burner knobs, oven knobs, racks, reflector pan, digital display, bake element, burners, oven liners, and more. Electric ranges and stoves are vulnerable to power outages and will take longer to cool once the burner is turned off.

Gas Range / Gas Stove Repair

Slide-in gas ranges, free standing gas ranges, and double oven gas ranges can be fixed by our friendly techs if the unit has any problems that need to be addressed. Parts of a gas range are: pilot gas supply line, vest, main gas supply line, pilot adjustment screw, oven broiler controller, burner grate, burner control knob, ignition unit, oven broiler burner, door, hinges, gas range drip pan, racks, digital display, ventilation vent, manifold, burner gas supply line, burner, air shutter mixer plate, and more. Gas lines should be checked for gas leaks if the customer is smelling gas, this problem should be evaluated immediately. Issues that can occur on a gas range / stove include but will not be limited to: dirty igniter electrodes, poor air shutter setting, pilot light is blown out, and clogged portholes.

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